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Yiddishkayt is the premier Yiddish cultural and educational center in Los Angeles, presenting a millennium of European Jewish life to new generations — creatively and inclusively and outside the confines of academic and religious institutions.
Since our inception in 1995, Yiddishkayt has embraced the multicultural richness of Los Angeles to strengthen consciousness and foster the growth of all things Yiddish and that reflect European Jewish culture’s contemporary legacy. With groundbreaking language education and cultural programs, inventive partnerships, large-scale events, and innovative online communications focusing on the creativity of Yiddish culture, Yiddishkayt charts a new way for Jewish culture to evolve and adapt in the twenty-first century...READ MORE


Images from Helix2013

Helix in Koydanov

Helixers gather in front of the old kheyder of Koydanov (Belarus). It is slated for demolition this year.

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