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Posted on May 14, 2011 • the vortsman

Der Vortsman — May 2011

The Vortsman, meaning “man of his word,” brings you the story of a different Yiddish word or phrase each month.  


Der Vortsman’s words are limited this month (thankfully, for all concerned).

Two responses to our previous discussion of Yiddish neologisms for internet terminology chastised us. One insisted that klavyer was not the proper equivalent of “keyboard” but, rather, klavyatur, the already-existing word for a piano (and typewriter) keyboard. The chastiser has a dictionary-supported point.

On the other hand (appropriate to a keyboard discussion, eh?), the English word “clavier” (from Latin via French) means “keyboard,” among other things. Might it not be both logical and easier on the tongue to say klavyer? Just askin’…

The other chastiser caught us in a typographical English error. We meant to type on our klavyer the word “lightning” as the literal meaning of blits in blitspost — email. It came out “lightening.” Both Der Vortsman and the Editor have done proper penance.

Speaking of penitence, it has been pointed out that Der Vortsman did a disservice to speakers of Southern Yiddish by asserting that they say lukshn for noodles, pronounced lokshn in Standard Yiddish. In the spirit of today’s politics, we have issued an Official Statement “apologizing to anyone who may have been offended by this unintentional error.”

Der Vortsman is Hershl Hartman, long-time Yiddishkayt Board Member and Education Director at the Sholem Community

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