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Yiddishkayt Expeditions

Join us for a Yiddishkayt Expedition! Yiddishkayt’s custom-crafted journeys to the historic heartlands of Jewish life. Explore the terrain of Ashkenazic culture and discover traces of the lost world described so vividly between the covers of Yiddish books in the historic heartland of Jewish life.

The historic city of Novogrudok (Navaredok, in Yiddish)

The historic city of Novogrudok (Navaredok, in Yiddish)


Records show the presence of Jews in Central Europe under the reign of Emperor Constantine in 321 and in the centuries that followed, Ashkenazic Jewry spread over much of Europe. Jews are often imagined as historically “a people without a land.” Although until very recently Jews had limited political freedoms in the places in which they lived, they called the landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe home for centuries. While Europe was many times a difficult and hostile place for Jews, for a millennium it was more often their beloved home: the birthplace of their language, traditions, and customs and the source of Jewish creativity and culture.

We offer three unique itineraries that we organize for interested travelers. One tour will travels to the Heartland of Jewish Culture through Belarus, Poland, and Lithuania,  Cradle of Jewish Theater and Song through Romania, Moldova, and Odessa, the second to the birthplaces of modern Jewish literature In the Footsteps of Jewish Writers through the Pale of Settlement’s great metropolis, Kiev, and the old Austro-Hungarian provinces of Galicia and Bukovina, today found in Ukraine. This summer, we are planning to offer our Heartland tour. Each tour needs a minimum of 15 travelers to head out.

As we travel through the towns and villages that once held thriving Jewish populations, the traces of Yiddishkayt are palpable, just waiting to be explored. Along the expedition, you will hear the echoes of cities and shtetlekh once full of Jewish life, and take in the sights and sounds of the alter heym (our “old country”) a land of often surprising natural beauty, with winding rivers, golden plains, and lush mountain pathways. You can always opt to hop off the tour for a personally-guided exploration of the shtetl, city, or village your ancestors lived in for centuries, customized and arranged through our tour operation staff.

The Old Synagogue of Drohobycz

Our trip is carefully crafted by the award-winning Mir Corporation, which specializes exclusively in the region. Mir has twice been named one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure and was the winner of the 2011 National Geographic “Tour of a Lifetime” award.

We cannot appreciate a thousand years of Jewish life with our eyes fixed only on its end. In the places we explore along our way, a vibrant history of Jewish presence is always tangible. These towns and villages bear witness to a simple fact: we lived here. We look forward to seeing you this summer in der alter heym.

For more information about our, call us at (213) 389-8880 or email us.


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